The Anatomy Of Anatomy And Anatomy Essay

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Learning is a good way to discover a new thing in the life. Everybody knows the term “anatomy”, but I do not think people know about the history of this term. Similarly, when the students study about anatomy, the first page of the anatomy textbook did not introduce the history of it, instead the publishers of the textbooks introduce about themselves. For this reason, the anatomy learners as I need to learn a history of this term. However, it is not an important concept, but it is better to know than not know about it.
In the Oxford dictionary, the word anatomy means an anatomical structures of the human body. In addition, it also knows as the process, subjects, and products of dissection of the body (“anatomy”). This term discovered in 1541 by R. Copland, but people did not know the term until 1555. Now, whenever people talk about anatomy, they know the term as the study of human structure.
Leonardo Da Vinci was a famous, intelligence and talent man. Toledo-Pereyra described Da Vinci as a genius Renaissance man in drawing, sculpting, architecture, as well as practicing of surgery in human body. While he dissected the human body, he used five steps to label important structures and functions of the large organs (see figure 1).
1)Detailed descriptions and drawings of the largest number of human bones, ligaments, nerves, muscles and internal organs; 2)development of functional anatomy; 3)characterization of cross section anatomy; 4) definition of physiological studies in…

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