The Analysis of the „Das Experiment” Movie Essay example

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The script of the movie "Das Experiment" was written by Mario Giordano's book "Black Box". The book is based on the real events that took place in 1971 and received the name of the Stanford Prison Experiment, organized by the American scientist Philip Zimbardo. The movie reflects many of the real events of the Stanford Prison Experiment, with the addition of the violent and sexual scenes in order to enhance the psychological effect on the audience.
This experiment is a psychological research of the following individual and group processes:
• human reaction to the personal restraint and restraint of liberty
• role behavior in the situation of imprisonment
• behavior of people caught up in the extreme conditions
• the impact of imposed
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The most bright effect of deindividuation I saw when the prisoners were forced to call each other by their prison numbers and became no longer interested in each other as personalities, they considered each other as the prisoners, they thought and talked only about the prison and the situation by which they were absorbed.

One of the main group processes in the movie is leadership, which is considered as the correlation of domination and subordination (obedience) in the relationship between prisoners and guards and as the power by which the guards were endowed regarding the prisoners. There are many facts of cruelty, violence and humiliation in the movie, and I see them as the consequence of this power, this opportunity of leadership, which was suddenly given to the people who play the role of guards.
No one explained them how to behave, but as soon as guards were empowered, they started to use this power more and more actively, taking a confident active role. I think that this role, allowing them to fully control and manage the situation and others delivered them considerable satisfaction. As told by John Acton, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
This process when a power corrupts a personality, very clearly is shown in the movie: in the beginning when there was a verification of

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