The Analysis Of A Thanksgiving Service Essay

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The Analysis of a Thanksgiving Service
What are the expectations wanted from us? Can we say that the expectations wanted from us are the social norms of our society? Unwritten rules and standards that are expected from us, that contributes to the formation of our own self. In our society, people expects us to abide to the social norms and expectations that situates our status in that society. In my case, as a good Muslim, I am expected to know every aspect of my religion, and be able to explain it to others when asked. My mother always says that “If you cannot explain to a stranger why you are a Muslim, then you still have more to learn.” Since I was a child, I was always sent to the mosque to learn to read the Quran and to learn the most important aspects of Islam. So, there was huge expectation wanted from me by my mother, to know mostly everything about our religion. I may not know how to explain the very specific aspects of Islam but, I knew that I can explain majority of the general topics. I was able to test out my skills at my very first Thanksgiving service that I went to with my mother.
Starting from the start, as a Muslim, I am expected to respect other religions and be friendly to them. Even though we do not believe that Jesus is the son of God, we believe that Jesus was a Prophet of God so, we respect him. So at the service that I attended, all of the Turkish people there, are expected to show their upmost respect to the members of the church. Doing anything…

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