Essay The Analysis : Body Counts By Sean Strub

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The AIDS epidemic was a languid, merciless, killer that claimed the lives of millions in its wake. Often times, the people’s desperate search for a cure was referred to as “The War Against AIDS.” This War eventually was won in the sense that HIV no longer had the powerful to sentence so many people to death. However, it was still a sentence, but this time it was a sentence to a forced life style change. This struggle of AIDS and HIV was depicted in the autobiography Body Counts by Sean Strub. One thing I liked about the book was how Strub shared so many of his personal thoughts about the whole situation. Although some of details I believed to be unnecessarily graphic, it did allow the reader to completely analysis his logic. Over all there was one thing that shocked me the most about the book and that was Strub’s logic on how he became a homosexual. One of the things that surprised me the most about was Strub’s decision to be homosexual. In the book, Strub’s displayed several logical inconsistences about his incentives to becoming homosexual, and it seemed his reasoning was more based on the fact that he wanted to be homosexual than actually weighing decisions. These inconsistences were shown in just the first couple of pages. For example, in the near beginning Strub discusses how he was perplexed with his decision to choose his sexual orientation. However, he then plans to find various ways for him to come to a decision all of his methods involve…

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