The Ana Code Of Ethics Essay

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In my view, nursing entails giving quality care to patients while concurrently adhering with codes of conducts that are affiliated with the profession. The core values of nursing define the driving force that dictates my values and behaviors. These core values include honesty, responsibility, equality of all patients, the pursuit of new knowledge, the desire to prevent and alleviate suffering and the belief in human dignity. Nurses discharge their responsibilities and make their ethical decisions based on the framework of the ANA 2014 code of ethics. The main principles surrounding the ANA code of ethics can be categorized into,
• Confidentiality, this is the protection of clients’ privileged information
• Fidelity, exercising the protection of given promises
• Veracity, which is telling clients the truth at all times
• Justice, this is exercising impartiality
• Autonomy
• In addition, beneficence
These principles thus serve as the foundation for nurses ' ethical practice and guide ethical responsibilities and decision-making. It also provides a means of self-reflection and self-evaluation for ethical nursing practice and provides a basis for peer review and feedback. Hence, an important tool that can be used to leverage a better future for patients, healthcare, and the nurses creating benefits to the nursing industry. As a nurse, I have the responsibility and obligation to adhere to these principles while at the same coping with certainties that come with the nursing…

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