The Amputee Coalition Essay

1447 Words Oct 31st, 2016 6 Pages
It is the devastating reality that nearly two million people are currently living with limb loss in the United States. I am writing this proposal to the Amputee Coalition, as I believe that it is time to research cheaper prosthetics for these two million people. Your average prosthesis can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000, and it is not fair to those already possessing a disability. I write this because I plan to work in rehabilitative engineering, and want to build prosthetics that families can easily afford. I hope that this essay will persuade Amputee Coalition to broaden their current research topics to benefit amputees financially.

The reason that I am bringing this to the Amputee Coalition is because since 1986, your mission has been “to reach out to and empower people affected by limb loss to achieve their full potential through education, support, and advocacy, and to promote limb loss prevention.” The coalition has achieved many great things throughout the years including the resource center, Limb Loss Task Force, travel accessibility, and more. One subject that still negatively affects amputees is the financial struggle purchasing a prosthetic entails. Your organization has made strides to help, including the fight for fair insurance to cover prosthetic devices and the coverage of the devices in Medicaid/Medicare programs in eight states. I understand that you are also currently researching statistics, life skills, and emotional well-being. One thing that I…

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