The Amplitude And Phase Of An Eod Essay

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The amplitude and phase characteristics of an EOD can be manipulated in order to elucidate the receptive fields of the electrosensory neurons of the lateral line lobe. The experiment described above involving the Eigenmannia in a two-compartment chamber apparatus allows researchers to identify the approximate location of the neuron’s receptive field responding to amplitude modulations (Heiligenberg 1987). In order to identify the approximate location of the receptive fields for neurons that are responding to phase modulations, a different, more complicated, strategy must be employed (Heiligenberg 1987). By suspending the fish in a bigger tank and surrounding it with a variety of electrodes that will be used as the jamming signal, the neurons that are responsive to amplitude as well as phase modulations can be uncovered (Heiligenberg 1987). With this arrangement, two conditions can be used: the identical and differential-geometrical conditions (Heiligenberg 1987). In the former, the jamming single is presented through the same electrodes that is presenting the fish’s own EOD (Heiligenberg 1987). In this way, all parts of the body surface are being exposed to the same mixing ratio between the two signals, and therefore eliminate any phase modulations. In the latter, the jamming stimuli and the mimicking EOD signal are presented from electrodes that are opposite to each other (Heiligenberg 1987). This in turn allows for phase modulation, and determination of the optimal…

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