The American Writers By George Washington Cable Essay

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The American writers in the second half of the nineteenth century often focus on situations when individuals faced hardships. The time period proves to be a trying time for Americans, as everyone seems to be facing varying tribulations it only makes sense to illustrate these hardships through writing. One primary hardship many people in this society face is the struggle for liberty from many things, including but not limited to, liberty from others, oneself, and Mother Nature herself. First, post-Civil War society requires real people to face hardship in their lives. George Washington Cable writes of the hardship of freed African Americans in his essay “The Freedman’s Case in Equity” in which they are treated just as the subtitle says “perpetual aliens”. Cable beseeches in his writing for the implementation of freedom; society had not yet accepted the abolition of slavery, and continued to treat blacks as if they were aliens. Red Cloud and his people also face hardships involving the lack of liberty. Red Cloud makes a plea in “All I Want Is Peace and Justice” in which he addresses an audience asking for peace and love as he hopes to protect his people and their land from the expansion by European settlers. Booker T. Washington writes in “Up from Slavery” of his challenge of getting into school as he seemed to be judged for his appearance upon arrival. While Booker T. Washington is happy to sacrifice anything for what little liberty he is granted this brings up issues as…

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