The American With Disability Act Essay

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In 1990, Congress approved the American with Disability Act, providing protection to disabled individuals or citizens from discrimination in different forms. This Act was designed to protect the right of the people with disabilities, and have the same opportunities with those individuals without disabilities enjoy. Title III of ADA of 1990 prohibits discrimination on basis of disability. Modifications are designed to accommodate and give accessibility to disabled people.
This dissertation will review implications of this act to patient services, employment, and the facility design.
Keywords: discrimination, ADA, modifications

ADA: Implications for patient services, Employee developmental, and Facility Design
According to 2010 Census Disability report, there are approximately 56.7 million people or 18 percent of the population had disability. From 2005, the total member of people with a disability increased by 2.2 million. It has been 25 years (January 23, 1990) since Congress, President George H.W Bush signed and passed ADA. Since then, people with disabilities agreed that their quality of life has improved. People with disabilities have received variety of comprehensive protection in many aspects of public life.
American with Disability Act started in 1960’s through Civil rights movement, were initially focused in protecting rights of racial discrimination. Fair Housing Act 1988 was amended to add families with disabilities. Then by 1973, Rehabilitation…

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