The American War Of Independence Essay

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The American Revolutionary War is also known as the American War of Independence. it was one of the biggest wars in history and was fought between America and at least thirteen other former British colonies. it became a global was and many superpower at that time were involved in fighting Britain. The war was mainly fought on American soil and the claim is that more than 600,000 lives were lost in the war. Several countries, like France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic, were fighting the british. one of the countries that helped America to fight the British was France, and it led to America’s independence in the end.

The main reason for war was the rejection of the British government and an opposition to their rule without consent. The Americans formed their own congress and declared that they were not controlled by the British government or by its laws. This is how the Americans declared independence and called the new nation, the United states of America.
France supported the Americans in the war in the 1778. Spain and the Dutch Republic, were the French allies. Great Britain was fighting three powerful countries , and in the end , in 1782, four years after the war began, Great Britain lost interest and declared a truce with America. They started withdrawing all their soldiers from America, including south Carolina and New Jersey. However, in the process of the gaining independence, there were several battles fought in almost all the states of the US.
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