The American Voice By Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay

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The American voice, a voice of freedom that enables an individual to rise above a Society and vocalize their thoughts without consequences. It is a unique combination of a society full of individuals; individuals from all over, living off a dream to make something of themselves. America is a country shaped by the people and their voices, speaking the truth of their adversities, battling society to be who they desire to be. Hawthorne captures the American voice eloquently through his stories; expressing how the Americans as individuals, could conquer prejudice societies through their action, rather than succumb to their hypocritical opinions. Hawthorne himself could truly capture the American voice because he, himself was an American man. He was the “sixth generation of his Salem family[,] his ancestors included Puritan magnates, judges, and seamen” (“Nathaniel Hawthorne” 1). His bloodline was enriched with American history, full of fascinating stories with both tragic and fairy tale endings. Furthermore, Hawthorne’s family had gone through some of the many hardships faced in America, allowing him first hand knowledge of the afflictions society endured. For example, Will Hathorne, (Nathaniel had added the W to his family’s name) was “involved in religious persecution, and John Hathorne was one of the three judges at the 17th-century Salem witchcraft trials” (“Nathaniel Hawthorne” 1). Indefinitely, Hawthorne’s family had been the victimized by religious persecution,…

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