The American University System Essay

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During the 1880 and 1910 time period the role of education embodied the term and physical appearance of creating a “real university” system. Allowing the world to envision the future of what the American University system should reflect, rather than what the University system currently prevailed (Thelin, 2004). Though the American University system that is viewed today seems to be financially troubling and complexed in organization, the system will be explored during this period of systematic disfranchisement. As many writers wrote about the “real university” system, an influential writer by the name of Edwin Slosson termed the cluster of American colleges as the “the standard American university (Thelin, 2004).” The “S.A.U” entailed the similarities of form, structure, mission and vocabulary to represent maturity and crystallization of the institutional components and university-building formative (Thelin, 2004). The growth and success during this period of the university-builder created a complex evolution to the field of education. The terminology of “captains of erudition” was a replica of the popular phase of “captains of industry” which characterized the university-builder’s approach to the academic affairs of the university systems (Thelin, 2004). The academic affairs of the system comprised of the mix of donors and presidents indication that the risks and rivalries defined the American business competition which was reflected on the American campus. Creating an…

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