The American Struggle For Freedom Essay

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As America stands today, it is a diverse society which inhabits a multitude of different cultures and nationalities. America however, wasn’t born in a day; it was the collective effort of many individuals throughout the course of history that made enormous strives to significantly impact the American view and society today. Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, greatly helped the U.S become what it is today through his major contributions to the American struggle for freedom. Frederick Douglass, a former slave who bought his own freedom also forever, changed the way American’s think today through his fight against slavery. and the contributions he made for equality. Although both individuals changed the way people see America and legacy will always be reminisced, it was Thomas Jefferson who ultimately had the biggest impact on shaping and securing America’s future. Through his major contributions like purchasing the Louisiana territory, founding the Democratic Republican Party, and writing the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson has proved that he had the biggest impact on American society, and is the reason the U.S is what it is today. The Declaration of Independence, one of the most impactful documents in American history, is what started the revolution that led to American independence from Britain. Through its use of persuasive rhetoric, it caused the people of the colonies to revolt against Britain. In the Declaration of Independence it was…

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