The American Spirit Is One Based Upon Principles Of Freedom, Liberty, And The Power Of The People

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The American spirit is one based upon principles of freedom, liberty, and the power of the people. When the founding fathers declared the nation’s independence from Great Britain, they claimed that all men were created equal, and noted that there are a few god-given rights, and that governments, deriving their power from the people governed, existed in order to secure these rights to their people.
Over the years, America has been known as the land of liberty, the world’s great sanctuary of freedom. Many come from all over the world to escape oppression, and to experience the freedom and safety that america has to offer. While America ensures far more, and more significant, liberties and rights than most of the countries on earth, there are still problems here. Among the boons to our national reputation as the bastion of individual rights are such documents as the bill of rights, the 19th and 15th amendments to our constitution, and the civil rights act of 1964. Among the things that are detrimental to the US’s status as the land of freedom are the current infringements upon many of the rights enumerated in the bill of rights, such as the right to bear arms, freedoms of speech and of religion, and others not guaranteed by the constitution, but protected by it, such as the right to choose with whom you do business. One area in which America has succeeded is in equality. Many claim that the oppression of the black people is still prevalent. However, Blacks have certainly…

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