The American South Is A Region With A Unique Culture And History

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The American South is a region with a unique culture and history. This region became home to many cultures in the early colonial period. Before the colonial period, the first settlers were the Native Americans. For hundreds of years the tribes of the American South made this region their home. They spread their culture throughout and made an influence on the first European settlers. The first permanent English colony in the American South was the settlement of Jamestown in 1607. Jamestown was the result of the royal charter granted to the Virginia Company (Boles 19). Conditions in Jamestown were rough to say the least. The James River, on which Jamestown was built, was a tidal river. During the winter and spring months Jamestown had an abundant supply of fresh water. This changed during the warmer seasons and fresh water became scarce. Along with the water supply problems, the salt water held the waste and fecal matter close to the shore and settlement (Boles 20). Complicating the previously stated problems in Jamestown was the economic issues. Since Jamestown was property of the Virginia Company it was mainly a money making operation. It was not until 1614 that Jamestown found its economic base. John Rolfe sent four barrels of his cured tobacco leaves to England. This action is now viewed as “heralding the economic salvation of the Virginia Company” (Boles 22). This was one of the first distinctions between the Southern Colonies and their Northern brothers. The South would…

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