The American Sign Language ( Asl ) Club Essay example

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The American Sign Language (ASL) Club made its debut at Ramapo College educating the community during an event associated with Disability Awareness Month.

“We believe in more than fighting the stigma. We want to push for equality and respect,” said junior Kira Abrams, president of ASL Club. “We hope to achieve an environment where disability is seen as a different and equally valid way of navigating the world, where a person who requires some accommodations to do well in an environment structured specifically for the typical type of person is just as worthy of respect and is not lesser for getting necessary help to achieve equality.”

To achieve this vision of equality, educating society about deaf culture and its significance to members of the community is essential. Similar to other cultures but rooted in the shared experience of hearing loss, deaf culture is a set of beliefs, values and ideas pertaining to the community.

In place of tone of voice, facial expressions are central to conveying emotions. The bluntness of the language, which may seem offensive at first, reflects the tight-knit deaf community that relies on each other for information.

“A common misconception of deaf culture is that people who are deaf are not proud of being deaf and view it as a disability,” said sophomore Samantha O’Grady, vice president of ASL Club. “In deaf culture, deafness is just viewed as a cultural market and something that simply makes you different.”

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