The American School System Is Failing Essay

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The American school system is failing. There is so much that is not being done to help the system. We see the children struggling every single day. So many cannot read or write. Then they continue on to become adults who cannot read or write. When will it change? Are we doing something about the failing system, or will it be like the when the stock markets crashed and caused the great depression?
How is it we continue to pass students through each grade level and they can’t read. Did you know “two out of three eighth graders cannot read” (NAEP, 2011) (NAEP, 2011). Or how about the fact that an average of 1.1 million American students drop out each year (EPE, 2012). Many cannot believe that “nearly three out of four eighth- and 12th-grade students cannot write proficiently”. (NAEP, 2012) These are all hard facts to see, but year after year we fight about the school and how much money they should get. We fight and argue about what money should be spent where, or we fight and argue about if the certain teachers should be fired to make the budget cuts. “After World War II, the United States had the #1 high school graduation rate in the world. Today, we have dropped to # 22 among 27 industrialized nations.” (OECD, 2012) Arizona itself is ranked 49th out of 50 countries. I hear all these news stories or how we should vote for this prop or that prop, but then I read into the details of the prop and I can’t believe what I read. Some of the props say that we should spend money on new…

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