The American Romantics : A Wide Range Of Writings And Authors

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The American Romantics cover a wide range of writings and authors. When one hears the word “Romantics,” they are reminded of fairytales or stories like “Romeo and Juliet.” These ideas, however, are wrong. American Romantics include writings by authors like Emerson and Thoreau. Their writings include images of nature and its purity. Men who followed Romanticism and its values were peaceful and focused on self-reliance and freedom. Although, there was a branch of Romanticism, referred to as the Dark Romantics, which believed nature wasn’t the way to truth. It was a dark and morbid place, while still supernatural. The Dark Romantics are usually linked with horror. Before the Romantics, men would define themselves as Puritans and Rationalists. These people believed in reason and logic. There was none of the heart or feeling that the Romantics held so high. They did, however, search for purity just as the Romantics searched for their truth. Their methods were just different. The Rationalists would use facts and science to reach it, while the Romantics, with the same goal in mind, would rely on nature to show them the way. This purity was important to both groups.
Moral purity is an ideal that humanity has striven for since the beginning of time. No one has ever seemed to reach this perfection. The Puritans and the Rationalists both had different values and virtues that they believed would help them achieve this goal. “Puritan” is an umbrella term that groups the Protestant groups…

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