The American Revolutionary War : Jacob Miller Essay

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American Revolutionary War

Jacob Miller

At 22 years of age, Jacob Miller took up arms in the fight for independence. Jacob enlisted in July of 1775 in Northampton County, in the State of Pennsylvania. It was there, that he joined the 1st Pennsylvanian Regiment and served in a company commanded by Captain Charles Craig. Jacob served with this company for one year, after which he was regularly discharged. Immediately following his discharge, Jacob enlisted in the newly formed Baxter 's Battalion. General George Washington met with the Continental Congress to determine future strategies for the military, following the British evacuation of Boston during March of 1776. He was faced with defending vast amounts of territory from British advances. It was because of this that Washington suggested forming “Flying Camps”. According to military terms of the day, a flying camp was a highly mobile reserve of troops. Upon hearing Washington 's recommendation, Congress approved the program on June 3, 1776. The men recruited for Flying Camp 's were militiamen from the following three colonies. Pennsylvania provided 6000 men, Maryland provided 3400 men, and Delaware provided 600 men. These men were to serve until December 1st, 1776, unless Congress discharged them sooner. They also were to be supplied and paid the same as standard soldiers of the Continental Army.
On July 13th, 1776 Jacob entered service in “Capt John Arndt 's Company of Col. Baxter 's Battalion of Northampton…

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