Essay about The American Revolution

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The path towards independence is always long, difficult, and messy. This fact didn’t waver when it came to America’s fight towards freedom from an island all the way across the sea - Great Britain. The American revolution dug out the path towards independence that United States citizens possess and appreciate today. Those that fought in the revolution defended the colonists from a corrupt superpower and a money motivated king that would have taken America for its own to manipulate and abuse, making another society and culture people want to flee from. Improper representation and unfair taxation were the main causes of the American Revolution. With control over wealth and a lack of voice by the majority still being an issue today, there is a group trying to fight back: Occupy Wall Street. Absurdly high tax rates (that crippled Americans) coupled with the lack of representation in their own country and government pushed the citizens frustrations over the edge, breaking the fragile balance Britain had created. Governing an entire country alone is demanding enough, and with strenuous conditions added to the mix, such as governing all the way across an ocean, it becomes impractical and nearly impossible. Boston lawyer and legislator, James Otis, Jr., is often credited by historians for coining the phrase, “No Taxation Without Representation”. In a pamphlet he wrote in 1764, Otis highlights the illegal activities the colonists were subjected to through unfair taxation, saying,…

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