The American Revolution Essay

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The American Revolution was important to the U.S. because it created and affected many differing parties almost like The Big Bang which created the solar system. The constitution caused the eruption of the Federalist Party which focused almost all on having a stronger central government. The Anti-Federalist which would be later known as the Democratic-Republicans their main focus was to be the representatives of the ‘common people’ or dumb,dirt, poor farmers. These two parties were the first parties the United States had seen develop, and the creation of these were caused by, the Quasi-War, the creation of the Alien and Sedition Acts, and the debate between the creation of the Bank of The U.S. Furthermore, these two parties opposed on weather to support the French during the Quasi-War. The Quasi-War was basically an undeclared war between the U.S. and France. Jefferson wanted to support the French mainly influenced by the fact that he had been a foreign minister and they had established aid between each other when needed through the Treaty of Paris, 1763 He believed that the people should support the efforts of French citizens whose cause was similar to ours. Hamilton on the other hand was the complete opposite he believed that is was best to stay away from France cause because of the possibility of French would cause Britain to stop trade with the United States which was the critical source of income for the nation during that time. These debates and action lead to…

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