The American Revolution Was A War For Independence Essay

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The American Revolution was certainly a war for independence rather a Rebellion. Many group throughout American Society has been victims of not having independence. To name a few there were workers, women, loyalists as well as African Americans who were victimized. These groups suffered a fight for liberty and ways you would never imagine.
Women in The American Revolution played a big part. Women barely had any rights to do anything. "Deborah Sampson, the daughter of a poor Massachusetts farmer, disguised herself as a man an in 1782, at age twenty one enlisted in the Continental army".(Foner 241) Sampson can be viewed as being dedicated and brave because, when she was shot in the war she removed the bullet herself so avoid being seen by a doctor who might discover her true identity. Regardless of the financial situation women just weren 't allowed to fight in war. If you were a single woman you had more rights then a married woman. If you were married, you may property that you owned goes under control of your husband. However single women had complete control over their property. (Course Packet 73)
Women also gained Independence during The American Revolution within politics. Women were not viewed as equal to men and to this day they still are not. "To fulfill the role of wife and mother and the custodian of virtue in the home, a woman needed education”. (Course Packet 75) Meaning that a woman can not have a child, be married nor be an republican without…

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