The American Revolution By Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, And Thomas Jefferson

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From the moment talk began spreading across the colonies, independence was destined to be more than an idea. Dead if he was caught, this fight was not for a coward; revolution is not for a coward. The generic colonist was not ready to fight a war of such magnitude. The battle cry of freedom resonated in the hearts of the colonists; freedom from taxes, freedom from tyranny, freedom from oppression. Change can be the most difficult tribulation someone can face, just imagine changing everything you have ever known. This fight for independence flipped the world upside down, altering how every generation would live. The American Revolution was a radical movement driven by the works of Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson, whose inspirational words convinced even some Loyalists to fight the throne, making them the most beloved traitors.
The American Revolution created a tie between the United States of America and France because of a common hatred for England. The French army came to aid the Continentals at the Battle of Yorktown, which accelerated the American victory (Patriot). After the Revolution, America was on her own for establishing alliances. An alliance with France was easy to form, for without France the Continentals may not have won. Thomas Jefferson was the American missionary to France. He earned this position because he was one of the more widely respected and admired figures in American history (Thomas Jefferson). The American Revolution…

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