Essay The American Revolution And Its Impact On American History

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The year 1763 played a vital role in shaping American history. 1763 marked the end of Britain 's salutary neglect, it marked the end of colonists’ prized autonomy, yet it marked the beginning of a new America. In the years to follow, colonists had come to realize the significance of autonomy and independence, and were willing to do anything to obtain it, even if it meant war with the empire on which the sun never sets. Rhetoric of independence and equality was heard left and right, it sparked a fervor that resulted in a colonial movement to gain these characteristics. This movement, in 1775, evolved into the Revolutionary War. This revolution was not simply a war that the US had won, but it was rather a significant transformation that created a new nation. Although, the American revolution marked a major turning point in US history, by shaping a sundry of political, economical, and social ideals, it often lacked the necessary actions to solidify these principles.
The American revolution impacted political ideas in the US. Through this revolution, the thirteen colonies that comprised this country, had broken away from the strongest empire at the time. The colonies had no intention of living under a tyrant, and they made this clear when writing the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution. The American revolution shaped the ethics of these essential papers. The Declaration of Independence, was the initial document produced by America, it…

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