The American Revolution And Its Impact On American Literature

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When most people hear the words “The American Revolution,” they think of the bloody battles that occurred and the ensuing independence of the thirteen colonies. However, not only did this give birth to our nation, it also had an impact on American literature. The events of the famous war brought confidence to the colonists and started the revolt against Britain. The Colonists wanted their independence and during this time they did not have a form of informing everyone in the colonies. The only efficient way of spreading news and opinions was to write a book.
Many well-known authors came out of this time period and many of their works are still being talked about and reviewed today. Thomas Paine was an ideal author during this time period and is one of the few authors who are still being learned about today. His most famous writings were Common Sense and The Crisis, every person who goes to school has learned about Paine at some point in time. A few other authors to come out at this time were Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and Thomas Jefferson. These men were not only known for their writing, but for some type of major role they took part in during The American Revolution. Paul Revere warned the colonists of Concord and Lexington that the British were on their way to perform a surprise attack, this event brought the famous line, “one if by land and two if by sea.” Benjamin Franklin was a part of the “Founding Fathers.” Thomas Jefferson was also part of the…

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