The American Revolution And American History Essay

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The American Revolution was one of the important battles in American History. Without the American Revolution there would not have been the great country of the United States. However, not everyone supported the rebellion and some did not support it just because they were scared of the unknown. Some even thought they would be treated terribly if we lost the war. There were many influential people who would have a significant part in American History.
The American Revolution began in 1775, but more than a decade before the revolution tensions were on the rise. The British government was raising taxes on goods purchased by the colonist. The Stamp Act, Townshend Tariffs and Tea Act were some of the taxing laws that caused the heated argument (2). Colonist who wanted representation in parliament and demanded the same rights as British were the first ones to protest. The resistance led to violence in 1770 when British soldiers opened fire on the mob, commonly known as the Boston Massacre (2).
In December of 1773 a group that considered themselves patriots; dressed up as Indians and boarded, British ships, and dumped the tea in the Boston Harbor known as the Boston Tea Party. Shortly after it happened Parliament was angry with the colonist and passed a series of laws known as the intolerable or Coercive acts, to resist the rebellions and establish authority. George Washington, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry and John Jay along with other members met in September 1774 to for the…

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