The American Revolution: A Huge Event In History

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The American Revolution Essay

The American Revolution was a huge event in history. It was known as the beginning of America. Thanks to the Continental Army and their leader General George Washington we were able to secure American Independence for the greater good. This essay will explain the events and what happened leading to the American Revolution and the Revolution itself.

The American Revolution happened because of many events back in the 1700s. The Boston Massacre was one of the causes. The Boston Massacre was a street fight or a riot, on the streets of Boston on March 5th 1770. The presence of many British troops didn’t help either since around 50 colonists attacked a British Troop. When this happened Captain Thomas Preston decided to call in for backup and he brought in some more troops which were also assaulted. The troops felt overwhelmed when one of them was hit with a club. They responded with gunfire . Killing a black man by the name of Crispus Attucks, a ropemaker named Samuel Gray, and a mariner named James Caldwell. 8 others were wounded as well in this event. The reason they came was because they ordered the occupants of the Boston Manufactory House to leave. Which was a house for those living in poverty and which were ill. They didn’t like this so they decided to riot
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I believe it was fate and destiny. America was meant to become one of the world’s leading power to this day. From the Boston Tea Party, or the Stamp Act we wanted to stand for freedom and self-perseverance. We wanted to become our own country. We fought for what we believe is right through the faith of christ. Although we didn’t have the prettiest past as the leftists and the democrats like to bring up all the time and have white people feel at blame for doing something that was in the past. I’m still proud to be an American and inform you on the past. Thanks for reading Mr. Baker please give me good

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