The American Revolution: A Grand Mistake

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My book, The American Revolution: A Grand Mistake, was written by Leland G. Stauber. Prometheus Books published the 276 page book in 2010. In this book the author described four main consequences of the American Revolution. His four main points are the dilemma of slavery, legislative union vs. purely voluntary federation, the American System of Government, and the mindset of Americans about the role of Government. Stauber wrote this book so that Americans can understand that the American Revolution was not as perfect as it may seem and had many dire consequences. In the book there areas many facts and evidences provided but it is clearly seen that the book was very opinionated and bias. Stauber began the book with an Introduction which briefly …show more content…
The American Revolution is a topic that many Americans have knowledge on and assume they know the whole story. The upcoming topic was written about in both the HIS-131 textbook and the book The American Revolution: A Grand Mistake. In the topic Stauber argued that maybe America could have had less slavery had they not revolutionized so early. He made this argument because after the Revolution the British went from pro-slavery to anti-slavery. When people think about slavery in the United Sates they do not think of the British as affecting that but they played a large role. America has a long history of violence between African Americans and whites because of slavery and racism. It could have all been ended earlier but we did have the American Revolution which separated us from the British. Also the invention of the cotton gin increased slavery from 700,000 slaves to 1.5 million slaves in about 10 …show more content…
It is very diverse from most books about the American Revolution. I found Staubers four main points interesting because when you learn about the revolution you go over the bad consequences but mostly focus on the positive consequences that came out of it. The book did use some diverse vocabulary such as “relinquished”. The chapters were well organized with subtitles.. I learned a lot from reading this book because it shows you another side of history that other books will not show you. I do feel that the author could have put less of his own opinions in the book. He used many facts and information but also a lot of opinion and it took away from the learning aspect of the book and was harmful to his credibility as a writer. In one part Stauber wrote “While the American Saga focused on triumph and success, was the American Revolution, rather, a case of premature full independence that resulted from the intervention of France in the context precisely of failures of statesmanship on both the British and the American sides?” which really gives the reader an input on how he feels about the subject .
The books greatest strength is that it is diverse compared to other American Revolution books which only say the positives or only the negatives of the Revolution. The biggest weakness of the book is that there was only four chapters, I feel that there could have been more information. The author also should

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