The American Red Cross Is A Humanitarian Organization Essay

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The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that was founded on May 21, 1881 in Washington, D.C. The American Red Cross provides services and support within five critical areas: Biomedical Services that facilitate services to collect, process, and distribute blood products; Service to the Armed Forces that provides support to military service members and their families; Preparedness & Health & Safety Services that offers education and training on health and safety topics; Disaster Cycle Services that provides assistance to people affected during and after disasters; and International Services that offers relief services and developmental efforts in countries abroad.
The project that I participated in is The Pillowcase Project which was created by the Southeast Louisiana Chapter of the American Red Cross. As a result, the Pillowcase Project evolved into a preparedness program for elementary schools.
Thus far, the Metro-Atlanta Chapter has successfully reached over 1,000 students in the prior fiscal year. With anticipating an even greater impact for the current fiscal year, this chapter has already reached over 250 children over the course of one month. The project has incorporated preparedness education curricula into elementary schools, after-school programs, and youth programs, e.g., Girls Scouts, to increase the importance of preparedness for hazards/disasters amongst the youth.
The Pillowcase Project intends to decrease the number of fatalities during an…

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