The American Political System Of The United States Essay

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By the size of the electorate, United States of America is the second largest democratic nation in the whole world while India takes the first place and Indonesia is taking the third place. Secondly, it holds the most powerful position worldwide with its strongholds being based on political, economic and military aspects, but its political system is actually in many important respects which is unlike any other nation in the world. This essay, then explores on how the American political systems work by examining the features of American national government that is the constitution, federalism, Branches of the government, political parties, Interest Groups and elections (Elkin,1987).
The constitution
Unlike nations like Britain but like most on states, the American political system is well and clearly defined by primary document. These documents are the Declaration of Americans Independence in 1776 and the Constitution of 1789 which are the foundations of the United States federal government. United Stated is established as an independent nation by the Declaration of Independence while at the same time, the constitution constructs the basic structures of the federal government. After comparisons of all the constitutions which have ever been written in the world, United States Constitution was revealed to be the shortest constitution ever. It only carries seven articles with only 27 Amendments hence standing out to be a remarkably stable document (Elkin,1987).
The heart of…

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