Essay on The American Of The United States

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Breaking The Chains

Born and raised in Juarez, Mexico, Leticia Rosales was nothing but a young girl, from a small town, with a big dream. Her family were simple farmers who raised livestock to survive. Leticia grew tired of her hard work never getting her anywhere in life. As a result, she immigrated to the United States in hopes to find a place for herself. Being a natural born Mexican citizen, Leticia was oblivious to the in depth details of the American government, but she couldn’t help but pay close attention when history was being made before her very eyes. “I didn’t know much about American politics,” she said, “but hearing that the first black man was elected to be the president of the united states was something that resonated with everyone, no matter where you were from.”

On August 4th, 1961, Barack Hussein Obama jr. was born on the continental state of Hawaii. His father, of the same name, was a Kenyan immigrant who came to the US to study economics at the University of Hawaii via a scholarship. During his studies, he met Ann Dunham, a woman from Wichita, who he later married and had his only child with. They later separated and Obama’s father moved back to his home country. Barack jr. would see his father one last time before his untimely death in 1982.

Throughout his life Barack Obama understood the grave tensions that were intertwined with his racial Background. In 1995 while attending an elite private school, Punahou School, he wrote his…

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