The American Of The United States Essay

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The American Dream is a famous idea of a perfect society that every individual has a different perspective on how to protect their own version of this dream against any corruption. Sometimes the American government can get in the way of private dreams because of their regulations. These rules have constricted all classes of society, especially the lower class of achieving their dream since they must pay policy makers or be subjected to the consequences. The institution of the government has impacted the pursuit of happiness for the people of America. Over the years, the federal government has gotten worse in regard to how they handle citizens’ inalienable rights. The officials that make others follow the laws made by the government have tried to take away citizens’ rights when they are accused of a crime. The citizens that are accused of a crime are having some of their rights taken away and those officials who took them away are not justifying their actions in a justfuly manner. For example, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, many government officials including President Roosevelt forcefully ordered the containment of all Japanese Americans into internment camps. These Americans were treated as criminals without regard for their inalienable rights and were forced to leave the safety of their homes. Even though these people didn’t have anything to do with the bombing they were discriminated against just because they were Japanese like the bombers. When the war…

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