Essay on The American Of The United States

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The phrase “manifest destiny” is the belief that the United States would inevitably expand westward to the Pacific Ocean and into Mexican territory. The word manifest means obvious so the destiny was manifest or obvious. Americans assumed the United States would expand to the Pacific Ocean. Thomas Jefferson was president at the time and he dreamed of expanding the U.S. to the Pacific Ocean. People had many reasons for wanting to move to the west. For example, people had personal economic problems and wanted to start fresh in the west. Also, the abundance of land attracted people for farming or land ownership, which was an important step toward success and good fortune. Growth in manufacturing and the rise of business made people want to expand because more people were coming to the U.S. The United States had always wanted to eventually explore the west but they needed to set up a government and a form of transportation like the railroad. No one had tried to explore to the west but in 1794, Jean Babtiste, from the Missouri Company got as far as present day North and South Dakota. From the start of stretching to the west coast in the early 1800s, to the territorial process took about eighty four years. There were many compromises, treaties, and purchases of land for the United States to get to where it is today. It all started with the Louisiana Purchase. In 1803 the U.S. bought all of the land from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. France sold us this land for…

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