The American Of The United States Of America Essay

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Freedom Resounding
The American Idea

The American name is sure something to live up to. Or is it? How do you define an American? This question is widely asked because of the origination of the great United States of America. defines an American as "a native or citizen of the US." If this is true, then why are the 'American dream ' and ideas so forced upon other countries? Ergo, we are left with the long-standing question of what it means to be an American; how and why is one identified as an American? Certain characteristics define an American. America is an especially unique country, found on the principles of democracy and freedom. These virtues are widespread throughout the media in America; reaching to the ends of the earth. Americans often have the misconception that every other person in every other country wants to be just like us. However, if that were true, there wouldn 't be other countries. Though he opinions of the world, America is identified by the freedom we have. This yearning for freedom of our forefathers brought forth this nation, pushing them to exert themselves to achieve their goals. Many early American men saw an opportunity and seized it. This is surely something to be applauded. However, is there a point this wanting and yearning can go too far? Is this the same point that turn the eyes of foreigners? Furthermore, America is genuinely a unique and free country, known for three major freedoms: national, political, and individual.…

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