The American Of The Mexican War Essay

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In the year of 1846, after Mexican troops engaged with General Taylor’s forces killing several Americans, President James K. Polk pushed for a declaration of war against Mexico and on May 13, the Mexican War was declared. Although the engagement between Mexican troops and Taylor’s forces was one of the few events that led up to the Mexican War, it’s the events throughout the war that helped the United States reach Manifest Destiny.
The textbook “The American Republic Since 1877” is one of many that covers the Mexican war. Published in 2003 with a Texas adoption, its intended use was for students between the 6th and 9th grade. Its authors include: Joyce Appleby, Ph.D., a Professor of History at UCLA and corresponding fellow of the British Academy; Alan Brinkley, Ph.D., a Professor of American History at Columbia University and recipient of the Levenson Memorial Teaching Prize at Harvard University; Albert S. Broussard, Ph.D., a Professor of History at Texas A&M who has served as President of the Oral History Association; James M. McPherson Ph.D., a Professor of American History at the University of Princeton, author of 11 books about the Civil War era and recipient of the Lincoln Prize in 1998; Donald A. Ritchie Ph.D., Associate Historian of the United States Senate Historical Office and recipient of the Richard W. Leopold Prize; and The National Geographic Society, established in 1888(“The American Republic Since 1877”). Although the textbook provides a decent amount of…

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