Essay The American Of The Mexican American War

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The Mexican American War was the first war that the United States primarily fought on foreign soil of which led to great amounts of bloodshed at the detriment of Mexico. The United States originally provoked the war as U.S. president James K. Polk set his eyes on expanding west as he believed in “Manifest Destiny”. The War was a result of the United States Annexation of Texas. Texas was its own Republic from 1836 through 1845 after winning it war for Independence. Mexico although never recognized its independence while the United States did recognize Texas as a sovereign country in 1837 but it did decline to annex the territory. Mexico originally permitted a few hundred Americans to move into its territories of which settled in some areas of Texas and New Mexico. It was the Austin Family who originally asked Mexico for permission to create an American colony in the heart of Texas. Mexico granted the permission with the condition that they would all learn Spanish, converted to Catholicism, and they were officially Mexican citizens. All of this eventually led to the Mexican American War and changed the history of the United States and Mexico forever.
In September 1836 Texas held a vote on a possible annexation of itself to the United States of which it voted tremendously in favor of. The Texas Minister in Washington D.C. proposed annexation to the Martin Van Buren administration in August 1837, the minister was told that the proposition wouldn’t pass due to the fear of war…

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