The American Of The Civil War Essay

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Antebellum (pre-Civil War) America to contemporary (modern) America
Starting from the pre-Civil war years between 1820 and 1860, America underwent the most chaotic experience in its history. During this period, the nation saw its people being developed from underdeveloped farmers and frontiersmen into becoming members of an urbanized economic powerhouse (Layson, 2014). America therefore in this period experienced five major trends in their life as the agricultural south became more separated from the industrialized North. Almost since the American republic was founded, the American legislators have tried to find the benefits of welcoming immigrants against the advantages of restricting the immigrants’ movement into their country. They have also been incharge of the activities that are carried out by the American-born foreigners and also narrowing the path to citizenship. Agree with thesis that after the civil war the industrialization and urbanization of America acted as the manifestation of the rift that rose between the working class poor who reflected the social evils of Dickensian England and the rich of Gilded age.
As coined by Mark Twain, the ‘Gilded Age’ name came because under the glittering appearance of progress and success was the stark base of a widespread poverty accompanied by discontent and social injustices. This is where the class warfare began leading to the formation of labor unions such as the American Federation of Labor-1886, Knights of Labor-1869 and…

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