Essay about The American Of The British Empire

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The British people believe of themselves as a greater people, “lords of all the world and thus of humankind,” (Cannadine, 5). They imposed their ideas about hierarchy of race and class, hoping to create replications of British society within other societies (9). They sought to use hierarchy to create a sense of belonging and importance within those they took over. Doing so allowed them greater political control, even if through the local elite. This occurred because Britain saw their new colonies as either being “backwards,” but they wanted to encourage the feelings of a “traditional and organic” order to continue to be their new colonies’ status quo (12). However, imposed hierarchy and Britain’s sole self-interest brought the colonists troubles, personally, economically, and politically. According to David Cannadine, this level of social, political, and economic control eventually led to the slow evolution of the British Empire from a comprehensive, far-reaching, regimented society to an “empire” comprised of nations who each wanted their national independence and individual liberties back. When discussing the type of hierarchy the British were imposing, Cannadine makes it clear that the British were attempting to not have a repeat of America. They avoided acting as settlers and immigrants, focusing on conquering and trading instead (16). This argument appears to be flawed due to the basic fact that in order to settle, the lands need to be conquered. Furthermore,…

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