Essay The American Of Mexican And Native Americans

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1. Enrique believes that he is more American than the white people that do live here is, and his reasoning is that the Hispanics and native Americans were located here before the Europeans came down and took it all, and he isn’t wrong. For that he wants his respect that has been overdue here due to the mistreatment of his environment Enrique living in America. To Enrique experiencing being American, it is much easier than being Mexican and developing in Mexico. His belief is very strong in this reason and this is due to him previously living in Mexico and experiencing how hard it was to make a living and how scarce opportunity is and not to mention the education systems being much worse back in his home. He holds pride with that title because of how much he has worked for it. Even though Enrique visits back home to Mexico he doesn’t seem like he wants to live there. As he went back it seems like his home city is very hot and under developed, he has grown out of it. Back in Mexico Enrique also notices how opportunity lacks but not only for him and his work, but to his family and the education of his family. He knows that education and safety is much better in American and has much more potential.

Although Enrique and angel are brothers their attitudes differ a lot. As I said before Enrique takes pride in being a Mexican immigrant and holds up to the title, he tries to help his community and bring everyone up to help his fellow Mexicans or immigrants. On the other hand, angel…

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