The American Of American School System Essay

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Everyone is good at some things and things they 're not good at. Fish can 't climb trees, to anticipate a fish to climb a tree is arbitrary. If you judge somebody merely by the things they can 't do, of course they 'll feel stupid. This quote has come to define the American school system. That is exactly how the American school system is set up and it is not constructive but rather destructive. Since that is how the system functions and has functioned for over 200 years, it would be hard to change but it is not impossible.
American high schools are for interacting with other people. It is an expedient meeting place, where truly vital events are disturbed by the infuriating and bothersome classes. “Studies that have tracked American adolescents’ moods over the course of the day discover that stages of boredom are their utmost during their phase in school.” (put author here)
It isn’t that the “No Child Left Behind or Race to the Top” has botched our youths—it’s every distinct thing we have tried to do to the things that aren’t broken. Actually, a vast quantity of the world’s high school kids say that school is unexciting. But American high schools are most boring out of all the schools in approximately every single other nation. In other verses, the conclusion of the previous 40 years, nevertheless the infinite quarrels about curriculums, testing, instructor preparation, teachers’ salaries, and performance standards, and despite billions of dollars invested in school reform,…

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