Essay on The American Of American Military History

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When studying American Military history, there are several recurring characteristics of America’s manner in which it conducts warfare. Many colonists who lived in America before it became a country had similar ideologies to the Americans who came after them one hundred years later in the Civil War. Despite the lapse of time, early Americans can be characterized as being uniquely opportunistic in the way in which they conduct war. Americans collectively operated on the ideology of opportunity. America in its early stages was not the military power it is today, therefore it to relied on patiently waiting for the enemy to expose any sort of weakness to capitalize on.
The unique characteristic of opportunity was adopted by America just prior to declaring its independence for Great Britain. The start of the American Revolutions could arguably be fought on the biases of opportunity Following the French and Indian war, Great Britain demanded that the colonials reimburse for the war through taxation. This only sparked resistance between the colonies and Great Britain. During this time arose a great deal of support for the resistance to come from the colonialists. This was imparting from the colonial media utilizing such events as the Boston Massacre and canonizing groups such as the “Sons of liberty.” Between this as well as the fact that Britain was still in debt, most colonialist believed that it was a good time to strive for independence.
The tactics used by Americans…

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