The American Of American History Essay

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Many historians have analyzed the foundations of the United States and the components that led to the evolution of American society. Most historians first look to the roots of the United States by discussing the creation of the Declaration of Independence, and continue onto an in-depth analysis of the Constitution, the backbone of modern day American government. However, few historians reach beyond these two crucial documents to explore different aspects that influenced the development of American history. In his essay, “The Significance of the Frontier in American History,” Frederick Jackson Turner explores the idea that westward expansion was the most significant factor that led to change in American government and culture. In contrast, Richard Hofstadter “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” focuses mainly on the effects of paranoia caused by different parts of American history, and Charles Beard’s “Framing the Constitution” does not develop any ideas past the creation of the United States Constitution. Unlike Hofstadter and Beard, Turner provides a more complete analysis in his discussion of how westward expansion shaped American society, government, and culture into what it is today.
In “The Significance of the Frontier in American History,” Turner discusses how the frontier promoted democracy in the United States. Turner argues, “The frontier States that came into the Union in the first quarter of a century in its existence came in with democratic suffrage…

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