Essay on The American Of American Culture

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When any American hears the word truck a certain image comes to their mind. Whether that image be a bright and shiny fully loaded vehicle, an old loud rusty piece of machinery that barely runs, or even a raised up truck with big tires covered with mud. What image pops into someone’s head when they hear that word depends on their social class and high culture compared to low culture. Socialization explains why people buy certain brands of trucks. Social norms also help play into the different styles of trucks and who in the American society possess them. People in America view trucks very differently than the majority of European nations for certain reasons. Trucks have very different meanings and uses behind them across the United States as well as in European countries. The truck in American culture can be utilized in many different ways. One of those ways is through work. Many Americans in the working class own trucks that they use for their job. A truck can be used for construction purposes, landscaping and home remodeling, concrete laying, and many other applications. All of these jobs require vehicles that can take a beating and still hold up as well as haul materials in the bed of the truck from location to location. Trucks also can be used to tow a multitude of things. Whether that be a trailer, RV, camper, or a boat. Normal vehicles do not have the horsepower or torque to be able to tow these larger items. Lastly there are people who own trucks just…

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