The American Of A Fraternity Essay

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Did you ever belong to a club, a gang, or maybe a sorority? Well, at Grace Hall you would be breaking the rules, but you wouldn’t be the only one. Surprisingly, quiet Amelia gets tapped by the most elite social club in her school; The Magpies. Although she is tentative to join, she is drawn to one of its leaders, Dylan. Amelia finds herself lying to her best friend and mother in order to succumb to the Magpies secretive orders. When Amelia wants out her covert social gig, her life falls down around her. In the aftermath, Amelia’s mother, Kate, attempts to understand the covert life her daughter had been living the last few months of her life, however the truth seems to be tangled in school rules and the ever-present Magpies. This journal will question, evaluate, and visualize aspects from Reconstructing Amelia. If Kate had been more present in Amelia’s life would she still be alive? Kate unexpectedly became pregnant while in law school, and in an attempt to be the better mother she had always wished for, she kept the baby. Amelia grew up with no father and after receiving disturbing texts on the identity of her father, she prompted her mother to finally tell her the truth. Kate had always been sure that Amelia’s father was her long time business associate, Daniel. However, given Daniel’s dour personality, Kate chose to keep Amelia under the pretense that her father was a just some guy at a bar who moved to Africa before she was born. However, Amelia didn’t quite believe…

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