The American Nursing Association ( Ana ) Essay

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Some of the most difficult professions in the world are in the medical field. The jobs aren’t difficult because the medical professional’s have to clean up stranger’s blood, feces, and vomit, the jobs in the medical field are difficult because they have to see their patients in pain and or dying everyday, and sometimes they can do nothing to help them. Nurses are there with their patients through everything and usually put their whole heart into making them healthy again. If nurses are using all of their energy and efforts into making people healthy shouldn’t they have a right to receive the benefits they deserve? Strikes are a reasonable mechanism for employee rights in nursing if the nurses aren’t receiving what they deserve.
The American Nursing Association (ANA) works very hard to make sure nurses are being cared for properly, and receiving the benefits and respect they deserve. A large majority of the men and women involved with the American Nursing Association were at one-point nurses. They understand what happens to nurses on a daily basis and try to make the tedious job of being a nurse simpler, and more enjoyable. The American Nursing Association authorized the use of striking in 1946 only to recall it again four years later. During the time when striking was against the law, many nurses took to picketing and informational forums for the public. The no-strike policy was removed in 1968 because the ANA realized that strikes were needed to keep order and to maintain…

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