Essay on The American Navy And Merchant Marine

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The American Navy and Merchant Marine both possess a longstanding history of prowess showcased by their perseverance through the changing times, adapting to the trials of advancement as a ship would adapt to the changing of the tides. The further advancement of technology during the 19th and 20th Centuries brought about a shift in the maritime and wartime industries, gone were the looming hulls of vast wooden ships to be replaced by the thick, steel riveted hulls of naval battleships, carriers, and cruisers galore. The merchant marine once more patrolled the sea alongside the Navy in defending her country and its efforts. The military aircraft carriers that developed in the 20th Century, perhaps, were the source of one of the largest changes to war at sea, as such a technological advancement would now oceanic battles to be fought in the air and extend the range of naval forces miles away. The Battle of Midway June 4, 1942 marked a major turning point in America’s maritime warfare in the Pacific Theater of World War II. The American fleet, through carefully executed strategy, defeated the previously “invincible” Japanese Fleet in a display of military prowess that could only be accomplished through the superb leadership and experience of the United States Commanders, Admiral Chester Nimitz, Rear Admiral Raymond Spruance, and Rear Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher. Their leadership coupled with their men’s faith and familiarity in the available sea and aircrafts, despite the…

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