Essay on The American Mexican War First

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The American-Mexican war first started on May 13, 1846; after President K. Polk became president in 1795-1849 he strongly urged Congress or a quick answer if it was ok to start war with Mexico. The times during the Mexican- American war was a complicated time in American History. During this time there was a lot of serious competition going on between Whig and the Desecrates. The most serious political issue was the war with Mexico had been a major support to make more slave states and slavery spreading. Lots of southern countries wanted war to gain more slavery and those in congress that supported slavery strongly supported war to, but those who wanted freedom wanted war so they could spread more freedom and liberty to more states. John Quincy Adams, who was very much against slavery, as representative became a voice arguing for war. ( By 1803 Texas had become a separate territory between the United States and Mexico. Lots of the Americans claimed that Texas was there’s because it came with the Louisiana Purchase bought by President Thomas Jefferson on April 30, 1803. In 1821 Mexico were able to gain independents from Spain. Most of the Spanish leaders, called gachupine (who oppressed enslaved, and killed Mexicans) were killed, and the Mexicans set up there own native mestizo leaders. The new leader became known as criollos. The criollos were unexperienced at governing, because under the Spanish control few people…

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