Essay about The American Media For Crying Wolf

801 Words Nov 12th, 2014 4 Pages
Congratulations American media for crying wolf once again on the government leaders in their handling of this Ebola epidemic! Evidence shows that the government has done a decent job in keeping the spread of Ebola throughout America to a minimum. Though the American media used the fear of Ebola to discredit today’s government leaders for higher ratings. The fact that this country lacks a surgeon general, the acting surgeon general has done an excellent job along with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in preventing a virus outbreak. The continuing proof that America has better medical facilities, safety protocol, and overall cleanliness has prevented the spread of Ebola in this country compared to the situation in Africa. The leaders of this country have done a sufficient job in containing Ebola from not becoming a sporadic killer throughout the United States.
The media has always been a place to receive information, yet in this information highway age the media gets debunked from time to time. When the media was spreading the information of the Ebola epidemic many news anchors jumped on the bandwagon by delivering fear instead of information. Though America does not have an Ebola outbreak it does have “an outbreak of anxiety” thanks to the dramatic news correspondents (Picard, 2014). America has only two cases where Ebola was contracted, and those infected was his direct medical care nurses. Ebola is not airborne, and therefore is only a high risk to…

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