The American Media And Government Failed Rwanda Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
Livingston, S, Annan, K (Author), & Thompson, A. Ed). (2007). Limited vision: How both the American media and government failed Rwanda. The media and the Rwanda genocide (pp 188-197). Pluto Books. Retrieved from In this scholarly article, the author specifically examines how the American media and government failed to intervene in Rwanda. The author also mentions the involvement of the American government in Somalia two years before the Rwanda genocide. The authors then examines the reason behind the American government involvement in Somalia and not in Rwanda. As the author states, the major reason the U.S. government got involved in Somalia was for pure political and media coverage. To make his final point, the author brings a compelling statistics about the news coverages in America between 1990 and 1998, which showed that much of the media was covering about celebrities and entertainment and not much of international news. The entertainment coverage doubled during this time up until 2001 when the terrorist attack happened. I will be using this source to show how media coverage has influence on organizations and governments if used properly. I will also be using this article to draw a contrast on how the media has the ability to misinterpret information and give false stories to organizations and governments. Melvern, L. (2007). Missing the story: The media and the Rwanda genocide. Annan, K. (Author) & Thompson, A.…

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