The American Juvenile Justice System Essay

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The American Juvenile Justice System was established about 200 years ago with the idea that the state should act as a parent of the children. Before this time, children as young as seven were being tried as adults for their wrong doings. The legal doctrine of "parens patriae" formed the foundation of juvenile courts and meant that the State was given the authority to make decisions for the benefit of the child as a parent would. When the system was designed it was for minor crime like theft, but today’s shift in crime by youth are raising questions and have many reexamining the systems philosophy and process. Is the system still effective? The system only does well in cases that it is originally designed to deal with. Based on today’s violence committed by the youth, the system is not as effective as it should be.
The biggest problem law enforcement may be facing today may be the very structure of the juvenile justice system. Most juvenile justice systems are unable to give assistance to troubled youth and their families when problems are still small. The system does not have early evidence based intervention programs to help prevent the youth from entering the system.
In most juvenile justice system, they do not go by the evidence based treatment. They go by what they believe will work. One size does not fit all, so a method or two cannot be used on everyone. Everyone has a different reaction to things. That why trying multiple different methods would help the youth…

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